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Can pregnant women use your products?

Not all of our products are recommended for pregnant women, especially our products based on essential oils. Indeed, it is better to avoid using essential oils, especially in early pregnancy, because they can cause uterine contractions or affect the baby during the early stages of embryonic development. In any case, it is better to take advice from your doctor since certain plants can interact with a certain number of drugs.

Can I use your products if I plan to get pregnant?

Yes, there should be no problem.

At what age can your products  be used?

Generally at any age, depending on the product. However, we advise to reduce the doses for children.

Do your products contain allergens such as gluten or others?

No, our entire line of products is 100% natural. However, there are people who can have allergic reactions to certain plants. For example, our essential oil products may cause contact skin allergies in some people. Generally, these are patients with hypersensitivity, skin rashes or atopic dermatitis after application of specific products.

Have your products been tested in the laboratory?

Yes, most of our products are tested by Axonova, a research laboratory specialized in testing pharmacological products. The main objective of Axonova is to isolate biochemical components present in certain plants and possessing great pharmacological potential.

Can we use your products after the expiry date?

We advise against it. It is better to meet the deadline in order to avoid any side effects.

Where are your products marketed?

Our products are available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Where is your company located?

Our offices are located in Ferney, as well as our entire processing chain (nursery, factory). We advocate an integrated approach and promote short circuits, in particular by collaborating with farmers in the region.

I am a salesperson located outside Mauritius. How to market your products in other countries?

Please send us your proposal by email at, and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer a home delivery service?

Not at the moment, but it is a possibility we are currently considering.

Should I consult my doctor before using your products?

If you are following a particular treatment or if you are pregnant, we advise you to consult your doctor before using our products.

Are your products 100% local?

The vast majority of our products are produced by us locally, with the collaboration of local farmers. Only certain components of our oils are imported. We make it a point to always use the best ingredients available.

Are your products organic?

We advocate responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture without chemicals. All our plants and crops are grown and harvested according to the precepts of sustainable agriculture, or harvested in the middle of nature in one of the last natural sanctuaries of Mauritius, the Ferney valley.

Have your products been tested on animals?

No. None of our products or their components have been tested on animals, even if imported. We pay close attention to our supply chain to avoid the use of products that are inconsistent with our values or ethics.

Do you carry out all the mandatory tests on your products?

Yes, our entire range is tested for any trace of heavy metals and pathogens.

Are your nursery and factory certified?

Not yet. We aim to achieve certifications for our factory and nursery by 2025.

Is your packaging biosourced and ecological?

Yes. We advocate an ecological and sustainable approach, and pay particular attention to all materials that we do not produce ourselves. All come from reasonable sources.

I want to buy it in bulk. Can I get samples of your products?

Yes. Samples can be obtained through our distribution chain. Postage or freight is at the customer's expense.

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