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Herbal Medicine: Science Of Tradition

In the Indian Ocean islands, treating ailments with herbal teas, decoctions and other plant-based remedies has been practiced for centuries. In Reunion Island, those who master this art are still called "tisaneurs". Unfortunately, nowadays, there are only a few people left who have kept the precious knowledge of our ancestors about medicinal plants.

Indika is the heir to this long tradition of herbalists and tisaneurs, with a little extra contribution: Science. Indika is closely associated with Axonova, a biomedical research laboratory specialized in the study of plants in order to identify the active plant ingredients with medicinal properties.

A large part of the components of the plants used by Indika are carefully studied in Axonova's laboratory, in order to highlight their therapeutic virtues and the benefits of their phytochemical components. Our goal is to develop a true pharmacopoeia of the numerous useful and beneficial plants that can be found in our region.

Our main mission is to enhance the biodiversity and botanical heritage of the Indian Ocean islands, while offering our customers 100% natural products to relieve, cure or prevent diseases, and thus contribute to the well-being of the population.

Our Values: 

- Nature at the center of innovation

- Protecting local biodiversity

- Promote sustainable and responsible agriculture

- Designing healthy and efficient products

- Improving the quality of life of the population

Of course, we do not seek to replace modern medicine. On the contrary, our objective is to improve and strengthen our knowledge of the virtues of plants, and to offer alternatives to chemical-based medicines.

All of our plants are grown locally and are 100% natural.

Sustainable and ethical approach to the sourcing and production of raw materials. We use reusable and biodegradable packaging.

Promotion of unique medicinal plants from the pharmacopoeia of southern Africa.

Exclusive formulations, based on knowledge of traditional medicine, scientific analyzes and scientific literature.

Sustainable agriculture, in the heart of the indigenous land of La Vallée de Ferney.

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